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For ten years now, the twin cities of Rotterdam and Dresden have been linked by an artist exchange program that has enabled more than two dozen Dresdeners and Rotterdammers to spend a few months in the other city. A wealth of artistic work has emerged as a direct or indirect result of the residencies, and new creative partnerships have emerged across national borders. Reason to ask: What has emerged in these ten years? What themes, what impulses did the other, new city bring with it?

Installation Folding in Reverse, 2021.

Participating artists:
Alaa Abu Asad, Lisa Maria Baier, Ronald Bal, Marielle Buitendijk, Oana Clitan, Philipp Gloger, Barbara Helmer, Susanne Keichel, Andreas Kempe, Simon Kentgens, Hanne Lange, Sarojini Lewis, Judy van Luyk, Johannes Makolies, Sandim Mendes, Niels Post, Guido Reddersen, Juliane Schmidt, Birgit Schuh, Antje Seeger, Otto Snoek en Patricia Westerholz.

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