I will perform in Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival “INNER CONFLICTS”. Titel of the performance is: “Pulse | Bending Senses, Beyond the Self”.

Performance:  “Pulse | Bending Senses, Beyond the Self”, in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.


“To be, or not to be…”
“No, thank you!” > < “Yes, I accept!”

Contradictions and double meanings emerge in every human’s life on a daily basis. Facing tough dilemmas and the necessity to make decisions, sometimes without consciously acknowledging their importance, our obligation is to make the right choices in order to continue our life on this planet. But people are still programmed to serve someone else’s means, so that they don’t even realize and automatically continue to make the wrong turn for decades, until it becomes a habit.

This year Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival is realized in the period 19 – 24 April 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Main location is the energy room – a subterranean, hall, belonging to the NDK preimses ( the National Palace of Culture), in the center of Sofia.