You are cordially invitedinvited at the performance event  ‘Highs & Lows’ at OT 301- 4Bid Gallery where I will perform the performance ‘Reflex’ on december 1.

More information about the event at OT 301- 4bid Gallery.


Reflecting on the ‘performative body’ Ronald Bal works with words, time and body movement. In 4bid Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ronald will perform the performance ‘Reflex’ showing a body in three repetitive stages, sanding, walking and running, in varied tempos and rhythms. The scenography was a screenplay showing words and time. The words change every thirty seconds so the reader could interpret word and action, and make short sentences over time.

The screenplay shows 40 words, often used as directions in a rehearsal,that provoke the body directly. The words repeat every 20 minutes showing a different reading related to the body.


Photo©:David Galjaard