AiR C. Rockefeller Center in Dresden

I am very grateful for the residence in C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts in Dresden, Germay. During the residence I will work on my projects related to sonography and the body.

Supported by the Goethe Institute Netherlands and C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts

Dhaka Live Art Biennale

In februari 2019 I will showed my project ‘Re-carving Body Plant Image’ during Dhaka Live Art Biennale (D’lab) in in Zainul Gallery and Edge Gallery in Dhaka.

Recarving Body Plant Image is rooted in my personal interest to rethink global archives and personal data. What image-making means as part of our social, cultural and political lives. Recarving Body Plant Image focuses on the ‘affection’ and ‘alienation’ of data and images-making through modern technology.

D’lab is organised by: Back Art Foundation

Supported by: CBK Rotterdam

Photo: Shubho o Saha